Domestic violence


Are you going through domestic or family violence?

Discussing domestic and family violence or abuse can be challenging, yet it’s an important social issue. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that 1 in 5 Australians aged 15 and over have been victims of family or domestic violence.

We understand that each person’s circumstances are unique. We strive to provide both our customers and staff with a safe, respectful, and supportive environment should they face issues related to domestic violence and require help.

If you or your loved ones are in danger,
please call emergency services on 000.

What constitutes domestic and family violence?

Domestic and family violence can affect anyone. It usually involves violent, threatening or abusive behaviour inflicted by a former or current family member, with the aim of coercion or control, causing fear or harm. Domestic and family violence can include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Physical violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional or verbal abuse
  • Psychological manipulation or controlling behaviour
  • Stalking
  • Financial abuse
  • Elder abuse

How we can support you

Our customer service teams are equipped to provide you with support.

We can assist by:

  • Offering financial relief options as part of our Financial Hardship policy
  • Guiding you to external professional counselling services
  • Adopting a flexible approach in handling claims and offering extra assistance throughout the claims process
  • Directing you to emergency services in cases of immediate danger, as your safety is our main concern

Our commitments

We will always treat our customers with empathy, respect and understanding.

We will treat all information disclosed as confidential.

We will train our relevant staff on how to support customers who are experiencing domestic and family violence.

We will support any staff member who is affected by domestic and family violence through various support services, additional leave and flexible working arrangements.

We will work with industry bodies and consumer groups to continue to refine our approach to supporting customers affected by domestic and family violence.

Helpful resources

The following resources may be of assistance if you’re experiencing domestic and family violence:

1800RESPECT offers free 24/7 support for individuals affected by domestic, family, or sexual violence.

Lifeline provides round-the-clock crisis support and services aimed at preventing suicide. 

Centre for Women’s Economic Safety (CWES) provides assistance to women who are experiencing, at risk of, or recovering from economic abuse in the context of domestic and family violence.

White Ribbon Australia | Stop men’s violence against women is a worldwide initiative focused on stopping violence against women by engaging men and boys in being part of the solution.

The NSW Government page offers information on obtaining help and support, emergency housing, understanding domestic and sexual violence, legal assistance, and staying safe.

The NSW Government’s Ageing and Disability Abuse Helpline is a dedicated helpline to prevent and protect older individuals and adults with disabilities from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Contact us

Should you wish to have a private conversation about your circumstances, please feel free to call us at 1300 553 764. We’re here to discuss your options and assist you.